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Freelance Cameraman and Steadicam Owner / Operator

Member of the Steadicam Operators Association (SOA)

I started my career at Tiffen Steadicam working alongside the legendary Oscar-winning Steadicam Inventor, Garrett Brown. Whilst there, I became a Steadicam instructor teaching and assisting all over Europe for organisations such as YLE Television in Finland, BBC Training and Development in the UK and Filmbase in Ireland. In addition I also fulfilled the role of a technician servicing mechanical components of the Steadicam rig such as gimbals, arms and stages.

As a consequence of what I believe is a capacity for hard work and reliability, my rapidly expanding portfolio now includes work on both short and feature films, TV drama and music promos.

I own a full-size Steadicam rig suitable for any professional HD or Film camera.

I am based in the UK, available for work worldwide.

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